how to Override Excel File in IIS [Resolved]

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hi to all......

Here I done My Application in Mvc3.Functionality is Export data into Excel file.Here I used Stream Writer;This code i used for write the data On Excel file.In My Local System it is working fine i can store the data and i can overrite Previous Data Also.
TextWriter sw = new StreamWriter(fileName);
sw.WriteLine("TestCase ID\tKeyWord Name\tKeyWord Description\tParameter Name\tParameter Description\tParameter Value");
foreach (var item in result)
{ sw.Write(item.TestCaseId + "\t");
sw.Write(item.KeywordName + "\t");
sw.Write(item.Description + "\t");
sw.Write(item.ParamName + "\t");
sw.Write(item.ParamDescription + "\t");
sw.Write(item.ParamValue + "\n");
return View();

but When i Launched In IIS ...It is Not throwing any Error..and i given all permission with the Help of Administrator.But My Excel is not Overite the data.It is showing Previous Data Only.How can i give Virtual file to store in IIS ..Please Guide me...

Thanks in Advance



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Dear Manorama,
Need to look into only on IIS, when you are running the application one application pool to be generated so you have to pass the particular file path to application pool and need to configure on that, please refer below link that would be helpful for you.

Jitendra Kumar
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