how to Open accordion with clicking on Menu Links

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hi to all....

Here my requirement is I have Menu bar ,in that menu i have Concepts..Under concepts i have Asp.Net,Java,Anroid,and Down i have Accoridion.with 3 subjects like asp.Net,Anroid,Java;once i click On Menu Navigation Links Of Asp.Net ;In Accordion has to Open,Same for Java and Anroid,

I am Using this Application in Asp.Net mvc3.and I am able to Open the Accordion with clicks..but it is not opening properly like java is opening only for certain height not completely....Every Accordion div's are Opening for certain heights and some times its not at all opening completely....
$(document).ready(function () {
$("#accordion").accordion({ collapsible: false, active: false, navigation: true });
$(".myCourseLinks").click(function (e) {
var index = $(this).index();
$("#accordion").accordion('option', 'active', index);
please guide me



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