Dynamic Nested GridView Creation

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Hi All,

I am looking for a code that should create a Nested GridView dynamically.Let me elaborate.Actually i have Grid View which should display the top level managers list from an employee details table.each of the employees having a staff id.The managers Staffid will be the reporting id of Assistant manager.Then the assistant manager's staffid will be the reportingid of his subordinate and hierarchy will go on.Now my requirement is when the webpage loads i have to fill the grid with managers staffid,name with an expand indicator.when the user clicks a particular managers expand icon it should create a new gridview within the existing gridviews column and new gridview should be populated with Assistant managers staffid,name.If the user selects an assistant manager it should create another grid and the created grid should be populated with assistant managers subbordinate.if user selects any suboordinate it should populate new grid with the subbordinates of selected subbordinate.but all these things of creating a gridview should be done programmatically when clicking the expand indicator.of the gridviews created .
If any body have done such tasks please help me.Thanks in advance



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