How to Align This Format

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I am using For Printing Method for this

Private Sub PrintUsingDocumentCondensed(ByVal text As String, _
Optional ByVal printCaption As String = "")
Dim doc As New FlowDocument(New Paragraph(New Run(text)))
doc.PagePadding = New Thickness(100) 'Creates margin around the page
Dim diag As New PrintDialog() 'Used to perform printing
diag.PrintDocument( _
CType(doc, IDocumentPaginatorSource).DocumentPaginator, _
End Sub

I call this method like this

PrintUsingDocumentCondensed(dtSales.Rows(i)("ItemName") & dtSales.Rows(i)"Rate") & )

I need Output this (How to align number field Right Align)

Keyboard 1500.00
Mouse 250.00

This is Wrong

But my ouput comes this
Keyboard 1500.00
Mouse 250.00

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