How to work with JS TreeView in MVC3

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Hii to all,
I got an requirement that i need to work on JS TreeView in mvc3.I have downloaded JsTree plug in and attached to my application,I have searched in google but i didn't find any post related MVC3. now i need to populate a table data present in a SQL Server database,iam using MVC3,EntityFramework4.0, can any one please guide me with an example on how to bind a table data to JsTreeView,
and the table structure(columns) which i want to populate is something like below:-
"EmpId Ename Designation Salary DeptNo"
The above are my table column names,i have to design my TreeView in such a way that all columns of my table should appear as root members of a TreeView,i.e when expand EmpId column all id should display and so on...
Can any one help me with an example related to my above requirement..thanks in advance



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