How to refresh Radgrid [Resolved]

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Hi Guru
I put Radgird and button into page when user clikc button radgrid display data that select from sql (not use SqlDataSource control) .
I have problem when user click page number 2 radgrid disble but repeated click button radgrid show data page2

help me please
thank you
protected void btnSearch_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
string conStr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DCDBStr"].ToString();
SqlConnection myCon = new SqlConnection(conStr);
string sqlStr = string.Format("SELECT o.SOID,o.PONO,o.ShipTo,s.ShipToName,o.MaterialCode,m.MaterialName,o.Quantity,m.Units FROM ServiceOrders o LEFT JOIN Materials m ON m.MaterialCode = o.MaterialCode LEFT JOIN ShipToParty s ON s.ShipTo=o.ShipTo WHERE PONO='{0}'", txtPONO.Text);
SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlStr, myCon);
DataSet ds = new DataSet();
da.Fill(ds, "x");
DataTable dt = ds.Tables["x"];
if (dt.Rows.Count > 0)
RadGrid1.DataSource = dt;
RadAjaxManager1.Alert("No Invoice");



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So you want Paging in Radgrid ?

If so look at this Article

and in your Radgrid use

protected void RadGrid1_PageIndexChanged(object source, GridPageChangedEventArgs e) 

int Index = RadGrid1.CurrentPageIndex;
//rebind the Grid as shown in the above article

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Vuyiswa Maseko

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Compare your aspx with the following

Mark this as answer, if it is.....

With regards
Nishithraj Narayanan

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