How can i run .net windows application in 64 bit OS

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i hope u response immediately! i have problem to run my .net windows application in 64 bit xp os...i developed .net windows application in 32 bit os, and i created exe for that... i tried to run in 64 bit Xp edition...i can't continue to install prerequisites(like .net framework 2.0 and sql express) to 64 bit These are the errors i have: Prerequisite check for system component SQL Server 2005 Express Edition failed with the following error message: "This version of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is not supported for the current processor architecture."

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A .NET Application will run on any Machine that has a Correct .NET Framework installed. There is a .NET Framework for Different PlatForm, after you install it , you can install your Application you created in your 32bit dev. and it can be Downloaded here

, before you set your App for release , make sure that in the Project Properties in the Deplyment section and in the Platform it says "Any Processor"

And your Problem will be Solved

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