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Hi experts,

I have left coding for about 2 yrs and want to get back to work but dont know how to start.
I want to know what are the latest technologies I should be aware of.
Is there any free software of VS2012 for me to work at home I have installed vs2012 free version but it got expired.


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You do not bother of expiry version of dotnet 2012. You can install freely MS Visual Studio 2010, and start to work on MS Visual studio 2010 that is freely available. Later you can get the latest version visual studio 2012 with your colleagues.

You need to aware or update the latest technologies are like HTML5, CSS3, Latest version 1.10 jquey, LINQ, WCF, MVC 4, WPF, Entity Framework, AJAX etc.

Jitendra Kumar
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