Before interview, you should SEO yourself to help interviewer catch your resume

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hi ,every one!
Faced with competitive employment environment, how can we stand out in the crowded? I think the most important point is SEO ourself to build a bridge between interviewer and interview. When they select resume, they can sort us out after SEO. How can we<a href=> SEO</a> ourself? 1?Resume optimization. you should pay much attention to your strength to prove that you are qualified to this position and less mention your weakness. if necessary, you should talk it in the opposite direction to make your weakness become your strength.2?More mention to your professional skills. if you just graduated from your college, you should talk more certificate about this job, usually when HR select resume , they like experienced people and like good learner.3? the integral part of SEO interview, you should draw a conclusion that what you get from every interview. 4?You can talk more activities you took part in. Because many HR pay much attention to team work.
How to do you think of this SEO resume when you take interview? we can talk more and help more people.


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