Finding the matching percentage of a column among multiple records

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I have a table like this...
sno -- int
textbody-- text

and table is having 1000 records

what I need to get is I need to compare textbody column with all the remaining 999 rows and find out the matching percentage. And this needs to be done with all 1000 records.

SSIS Fuzzy grouping or fuzzy lookup is not going to work with text type column. I need to write a procedure to find out the percentage.

Please help me out..

thanks in advance..

rebba phani


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Please provide your requiremeny more clear.


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Posted by: Meeturphany on: 3/10/2010 [Member] Starter

Hi Pandians,

Thanks for the reply
Lets say I have table with following records..

S.NO textbody
------ -----------
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What I want here is compare record 1's textbody and give the matching percentage with 2 and 3 similarly
2's with 3 and 1 and 3's with 2 and 1
If data was smaller then I can use SSIS fuzzy grouping or lookup.. but my problem is I want to perform this type of
comparision on ntext type column which is not supported by SSIS.
Is there any way to get this done by using stored procedures or full text search or any other way..

Hope you got it clear now...


rebba phani

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