How to Email Div content?

Posted by Udayasankar under ASP.NET on 3/19/2010 | Views : 4162 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1
Hai all,
i need to display my Div tag content in Email body. everthing is fine except images. i have Email template in database. so i need to replace the string in template with div content.
help me with c# samples.


Posted by: Abhi2434 on: 3/20/2010 [Member] [Microsoft_MVP] [MVP] Silver

if you want your images to be downloaded with your mail, you need to embed the images to the mail you send.

It is very easy to handle this. You can send an html to email.

See my article :

I did the same thing. Sent an email with embedded image within it.
I hope this would help you.

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