Regarding ONLINE session ,i have log in problem,can you help me ?

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Hi all,

I missed this SQL training session,hope i would get the video of these earlier
session soon .

In the live meeting URL ,
what should i give userlogin and password ,Because in my mail i got
only meeting id for this session .

What should i do,to get those informations ,kindly guide me through

Thanks in advance




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Dear Naveen,

Please read the steps of how to download and login to the session at Particularly focus of "How can I test my live meeting?" section.

Please let us know if you have followed the steps mentioned there and still you have any problem.

Thank you.

Best regards,

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Posted by: Naveenmanam on: 4/12/2010 [Member] Starter

try it..
Do no test live meeting during the course, we have setup a separate department who can help you to test your live meeting, so that you do not face problems.

1. Install live meeting from
2. Then click on 'Accept terms and install client'. After installation open the "Live Meeting" by clicking on the Start Menu from your local machine.
3. Enter the details as given below:
* Location: -
* Meeting ID: - contact us
4. Once you are into the meeting room send an email to or call 022-66752917 to ensure that your MIC and displays are working properly. One of our operators will login to ensure you can use live meeting properly.


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