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Hi All,

Our company is about to develop a web application which gonna serve multiple devices (PCs, Tablets & Mobile).

The application's core remains reports. More over Charts & graphs based reports.

Based on the constraint that web site will be accessed on mobile devices as well, we are in a big Question;

1) Whether to go with basic (open source) chart js libraries [Assuming that - the more basic chart the lesser js downloaded to client]

2) Whether to go with High end (paid) charts/ third party frameworks [Assuming that being paid there will be enough support]

Also we are planning to use Asp.Net MVC 4/5 as project.

Kindly provide your thoughts / inputs on this.

thanks in advance


Posted by: Parth123 on: 8/22/2019 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

Hello, According to your question you will use MVC. So i suggest you high-charts because it provide extra functionality and also it open source.

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