Internal enhancement of ssis in sql server

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i am new to sql server 2008 and BIs.

Internal enhancement of ssis in sql server.



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As mentioned above, SSIS is the successor of DTS (of SQL Server 7/2000). If you are coming from a DTS background, SSIS packages may look similar to DTS packages, but it's not the case in reality. What I mean is, SSIS is not an enhancement to DTS but rather a new product which has been written from scratch to provide high performance and parallelism and as a result of this it overcomes several limitations of DTS.

SSIS 2008 has further enhanced the internal dataflow pipeline engine to provide even better performance, you might have heard the news that SSIS 2008 has set an ETL World record of uploading 1TB of data in less than half an hour.

The best part of SSIS is that it is a component of SQL server. It comes free with the SQL Server installation and you don't need a separate license for it. Because of this, along with hardcore BI developers, database developers and database administrators are also using it to transfer and transform data


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