How to avoid duplicates items from Generic List in C#?

Posted by Naveenmanam under C# on 5/4/2010 | Views : 4316 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1

I have a generic List (i.e. List<Subjects>). Which can contain list of categories and their subjects. But i need to retrieve only unique category names and their list of subjects. Usually, it returns like this...

Cat1 Sub1

Cat1 Sub2

Cat2 Sub3

Cat2 Sub4

I don't need like this. The list should contain only...

Cat1 Sub1, Sub2

Cat2 Sub3, Sub4



Posted by: Er.deepakdalal on: 5/4/2010 [Member] Starter

Hi Naveenmanam

try Below Code it will remove the duplicates

static List<string> removeDuplicates(List<string> inputList)
Dictionary<string, int> uniqueStore = new Dictionary<string, int>();
List<string> finalList = new List<string>();
foreach (string currValue in inputList)
if (!uniqueStore.ContainsKey(currValue))
uniqueStore.Add(currValue, 0);
return finalList;

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