How to Replace table row dynamically?

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Hi friends!!

Can anyone have solutions to my problem?


I have a set of results in table format dynamically generated like
Name | Address | Phone |
sunder | My address | 98989090 |
sunder1 | My address1 | 98989090 |
sunder 2 | My address2 | 98989090 |

On click of any row from the above result set I want to open dynamically generated form between the row and if I submit the form with changes the particular row should be updated with changes I have made.

In short I need to replace the particular table row dynamically using javascript with data I get through some service and re-write the particular row without post back


Sunder Magar


Posted by: BangaruBabu on: 5/12/2010 [Member] Starter

HI Sunder

Could U please Check The Following Link That Will Help U

BangaruBabu Pureti

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