Using netTCPBinding with users in SQL Server

Posted by amit_gadresyntelinc-5009 under WCF on 5/18/2010 | Views : 1785 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 0
I have a scenario where Business Layer & Data access Layer are on Application server along with a WCF service which is hosted in Windows Service. There are around 100+ users. This is a layered Windows application with client consisting only UI related code. All the clients & App server will be on the same network (Intranet). Users & their roles are created in SQL Server.

While applying security, since it is intranet application, netTCPBinding can be used. As users are in SQL server database MessageClientCredentialType can be UserName. Security mode can be Message & TransportClientCredentialType can be certificate. Is it the best combination in this perticular scenario?

can anybody please answer this question or provide any supporting documents or links...

thanks in advance...


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