How to fix the Design Warings in Analysis Services in SQL Server 2008 ?

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hi Dude

I am using Analysis Services in SQL Server 2008, When i deploy the SSAS, I had one Error saying that "Browser Server Error".... and two Warnings.

I fixed that one Error. But the Warnings still there.

Kindly tell me how to hide the all warnings ?

Hierarchy [DimSchedule].[Rate by Item] : Attribute relationships do not exist between one or more levels of this hierarchy. This may result in decreased query performance.

Dimension [DimSchedule] : Avoid visible attribute hierarchies for attributes used as levels in user-defined hierarchies.

thanks in advance


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Hi Devanand

Good Day

A) Hiding the Design warnings can be done as the following way...

1. Open your Analysis Services Project.

2. Normally your project will show the Design warnings. If its not showing the design warning then...
Click View menu --> Click Error List menu item. It will show you the all Errors, Design Warnings and Messages.

3. In your case, you have two design warnings.... OK

4. Right click on First Design Warning and Click Dismiss..., Continue this activity for remaining all Design warnings.

Fine. Now you have hidden all your Design warnings.

B) Un-Hiding the Design warnings can be done as the following way...

If you want to Un-hide the hidden design warnings then...

1. Right click on your SSAS Solution on Solution Explorer.

2. Click Edit Database, You will have two Tabs (General, Warnings).

3. Click on Warnings Tab. Under the Dismissed Warnings area.

4. Click the Design warning and Click Re-enable button under the grid.

5. Click Build menu, Click Deploy <Sollution Name>. Now the all un-Hidden design warnings will display in Error List.

Note: The Hiding / Un-Hiding activities is not permanent solution / not recommended. So, You have to define Hierarchy.


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