Incremental Status while running long process on page load.

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Hi Friends!

I need some help of urs if any one have solution for my problem.


1. I have a page say process.aspx?id=1024 on Page_Load of this page I am calling Method to Process the data associated with ID and generates XML string .
2. Calling webmethod and sending generated xml string from step 1.
3. Getting response ID from webmethod and Inserting to some table.
4. Redirecting to some other page.

Because page takes time to load as all the operation happening on Page_Load so I want to show some incremental status message to the user so that user can wait till.

something like this:
Step 1. "processing data to send to webmethod..."
Step 2. "Please wait while service response..."
Step 3. "Updating lookup tables..."
Step 4 "Done. Thanks for your patience! "

Before every method call I want to show some status message. but not getting because everything should happen on pageload and message should also change according to steps.


Sunder Magar


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First look at how the UpdateProgress of ajax is used and change the status , look at this example

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