Lsit View and Data Pager using MySql retreiving the huge number of records

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I am using List View and Data Pager where the search results will contains lakhs of records. so if i use the ListView it is taking so much time to load the page what is the best technique for retrieving the small amount of data using Data Pager and needs to improve the performance.

and the search results must display the original count but needs to bind the few data and based on the paging retrieves the data from Data Pager.

where i have to reduce and enhance the scenario to get more number of records @ a time

either in SP or in the Page.Aspx.CS

if it is possible can i have the sample code how to acheive more performance by using the MySQL.

Thanks in Advance, Vara Prasad.M

Vara Prasad.M


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refer this

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