How to restricted this format

Posted by Jayakumars under C# on 5/26/2017 | Points: 10 | Views : 448 | Status : [Member] [MVP] | Replies : 1

I need enter the text box value like this


I need here 1st digit not allow zero and total length 10 only for mobile no validation also

using only RegularExpressionValidator

Mobile no must be 10 digit nothing less than 10 then first character should not zero
how to using RegularExpressionValidator

any one guide me

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Posted by: Jitendrasoft09 on: 5/27/2017 [Member] [MVP] Starter | Points: 25

RegularExpression will not be suit for this requirement. Better you can use keyUp event of jquery to restrict first letter zero. Then You can use RegularExpressionValidator. Hope it helps you. Shared similar thread link below. Try it now.

Jitendra Kumar
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