Can i get any sample code on asp application with state and security management ?

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hi all

Can any one get me a url for a sample asp application project
with all state management (View state and session,application ...) and
also with security management and form authentication.

So that i can understand the project flow ,how it manages states
between users and how security is managed and how data is stored securily.
after reading concepts ,i felt like it will better to understand concepts
with sample code .

So can anyone help me with this

Thanks in advance



Posted by: Raja on: 7/13/2010 [Member] Starter

You are right Nav234, however not sure if you get a ready made application build for State management and Security management; try your luck, if not I would suggest you to go through following articles that should help you understand them once you have understand security management and state management just do your R&D and create sample applications on your own. While creating application, you may face many problems just ask us here and then go back and implement them.

Doing trial and error is the best way to gain knowledge and this knowledge will last longer than getting something ready made.

Hope this helps :)


Raja, USA

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