How can we inform server about this is request from registered user(user1,user2) while navigating to pages?Which method we can use ?

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Hi all ,

I have just read about all those client side and server side STATE MANAGEMENT techniques.
Out of which in a web application .How can i inform servere ,that this request is from user 1 ,
this request is from user 2 .Which method i can use for state management ?
which is reliable and mostly used by all ?

thanks in advance



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Hey Nav,

I think you are putting effort to learn but that is not enough. I feel similar question was asked earlier in this forum and the answer was similar to what I am giving here again.

Read below articles and you should be familiar with how to do that

In specific, you can get the username who has logged in using User.Identity.Name property and check if user is logged in using User.Identity.IsAuthenticated property.

Hope this will help.

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Raja, USA

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