How to use middle war to get next request core 2 ?

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How to get next request pipeline in case of token success .

suppose i need to get data from action result get request by post man

public IActionResult GetUserMenu(string userId)
string strUserMenus = _SecurityService.GetUserMenus(userId);
return Ok(strUserMenus);

i write on postman link as then select get then write on header

key : authorization
value :eeerrttyyyyy

when invalid access token then it will show message invalid token

if valid access token it will continue execution and get result from action

this is actually i need on next but cannot do it .

public async Task InvokeAsync(HttpContext context, DataContext dataContext)  

var validKey = false;

if (!validKey)
context.Response.StatusCode = (int)HttpStatusCode.Forbidden;
await context.Response.WriteAsync("Invalid Token");
//if validm than next middleware Invoke
//success token
await _next.Invoke(context);
// how to get next request meaning i need to get result of action getusermenu




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Even though I use nvim almost exclusively with keyboard, mouse browsing can be very helpful for casually switching tabs and scrolling through some code when just checking things out. The set mouse=a is actually really well set out and configured out of the box to make it feel home to people coming from other editors. With set mouse=a you can essentially use vim like any other editor which can be welcoming to beginners and is generally quite nice for browsing through code casually.

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