Updating the Existing XML through Code

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Hi Friends,

i am updating an existing xml...in that xml all tags are well formed wirh blank data, i am using this code to fill the data

str = Server.MapPath("./XMLFile/abc.xml")

mXmlDataSet.Tables("AssesseeName").Rows(0).Item("FirstName") = "A"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("AssesseeName").Rows(0).Item("MiddleName") ="B"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("AssesseeName").Rows(0).Item("SurNameOrOrgName") =""
mXmlDataSet.Tables("PersonalInfo").Rows(0).Item("PAN") ="ABCDE1234M"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Address").Rows(0).Item("ResidenceNo") ="RES123"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Address").Rows(0).Item("ResidenceName") =""
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Address").Rows(0).Item("RoadOrStreet") ="ROAD"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Address").Rows(0).Item("LocalityOrArea") ="AREA"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Address").Rows(0).Item("CityOrTownOrDistrict") = "CITY"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Address").Rows(0).Item("StateCode") ="19"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Address").Rows(0).Item("PinCode") ="4458899"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Phone").Rows(0).Item("STDcode") = "022"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Phone").Rows(0).Item("PhoneNo") ="123456"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("Address").Rows(0).Item("EmailAddress") = "abcd@xyz.com"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("PersonalInfo").Rows(0).Item("DOB") ="1980-09-25"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("PersonalInfo").Rows(0).Item("EmployerCategory") = "GOV"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("PersonalInfo").Rows(0).Item("Gender") ="M"
mXmlDataSet.Tables("PersonalInfo").Rows(0).Item("Status") = "I"

mPath = Server.MapPath("./XMLFileManagement/201011/")
mXmlDataSet.WriteXml(mPath & "/" & "123" & ".xml")

all works correctly ,fill rocord correctly but my problem is that if there is blank or no record then this particular tag should be delete/comment in o/p
xml (surname and address tag here)... further more the swquence of xml should not be distrub it should be in same manner as i have written here... the last four tag shows first what is the reason .. how can i solve it.

Thanks in advance


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Why dont you add the XML to a dataset and remove the blank record from there and take it back again to Xml

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