Concordance is an application that is given an list of texts document written in English, that generates a concordance, i.e. an alphabetical list of all word occurrences, labeled with the documents that it occurred in, and for each document - the word frequencies and the sentence numbers in which t

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I am working on the concordance code to get this output, can some one help me in getting this output.

. For example
a. alphabetical {mydoc1.txt:1:1}
b. appeared {mydoc2.txt:1:2}, {foodoc:3: 65, 66, 90}
The word "appeared" appeared in 2 documents
. mydoc2.txt - once on sentence 2
. foodoc - 3 times on sentences 65, 66, and 90
Concordance is a mission critical application and must work reliably and performantly for a large number of documents with possibly dirty data.


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