Where to use Caching in WebServices?

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Hello All,

Am working with a C# Winforms Application (Terminal Application) having thin client Architecture.

Am using WebServices to allow the clients to connect to our DataBase.

Our Application is a finance product and the data volume is always huge. For each and every request we have to serve huge amount of data on all requests.

We have most of the tables having more than 75000 rows and more than 500 Columns.

So when ever a request comes to web server, we are caching the data and serving to the request. This cache will be exist for the another 5 hours in our web server memory.

I have read an article in ASP.NET Forum that,

Caching of data is efficient when we have small volume of data. And also most frequently accessing data only to be cached.

I faced a problem with caching huge volume of data lead to Out - of - Memory Exception in WebServer.

So I used CacheItemPriority, Absolute and Sliding Expirations. Now I can Manage memory in Web Server.

Please suggest me when and where caching of data in WebServices needed?

Small and frequetly Used ? or Huge Volume ?

PMM :)


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Please refer following link which discuss the caching in XML web services in depth :

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