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1.what is the use of webconfig file in each folder in an application.
2. i have a dataset with 3 tables in it now i waant bind a particular table from the dateset to a gridview i used filter but i dnt get the required output can u please help me out how to do it.
3 i have a grid with enmployee details in it . one of the column is salary column. now if the salary is more than 10,000 the column as to change to label or link buttoon at run time .i tried but i dnt get geet the output please help me


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1: A Web Config Stores Configuration Settings For your Application. E.g we store the Connection String in the Web Config File , than hardcoding it in the Application.

2: Lets see what you have done so far , Show us the Code will will tell why it shows the wrong table

3: Change the Label or link button at runtime to what ????

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