Session expiry time when user working on applicationm

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Session expire by-default time is 20mintes.If user is using continuously above 20 minites.The session will close bydefault 20 minites when it is created or else time couting from user stop excuting the application.
Please clarify once.


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If you are talking about Forms Authentication, there is an attribute in the web.config file called slidingExpiration that accepts true or false. If this property is not set to true ie it is false then user will be forced logged out as soon as it spends 20 minutes to the website after login but if it is set to true, the 20 minutes is counted after the last request from the user to the application, so the user will be logged in untill he is leaving the application idle for more than 20 minutes.

To know about Forms Authentication in details read this article


Sheo Narayan

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