Error when i build the project vs 2003

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all the problme from vs 2003.
what are the consideration need to take, when we build the application(it was alreardy developed on other machine.)

i need to change the code, i had the code im wokring with offline(not using the vss).

i add one by project , and build ' i got the following the error(Folder 'HP.PSP.DataAPI.DAL_CallCenter.GetNextInternalUserId()' is obsolete: 'This method only necessary prior to migration of internal user to new table.'

i m getting this error only.

2)DataObjects.User.GetInternalUsers(DataObjects.PSPDataStore)' is obsolete: 'Method not needed after internal users are migrated to new table'
3.)The keyword new is required on .DataAccessObjects.CallCenter.IncidentHistory.ID' because it hides inherited member 'ObjectDb.DataServices.ObjectPackage.ID'

and explain us what are the considerations for vs 2003.


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From what i see you are converting your application from a Previous version to a new version and there are some other functions that might night be used anymore or advised not to be used in the above version or the version that you are migrating to.

is GetInternalUsers an system function or you wrote it yourself ?

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