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Dear All,

Thank you for the active participating in the Career Advice Online Session. The two hours sessions talks about a lot of topics and few of the topics and questions are written below

1. Difference between leading people and managing people

2. How do deal with managers where they are trying to win the project by reducing the estimates which will undoubtedly will affect project deadlines. The team obvioulsy will have to work Overtime.

3. Currently i am working as a technical lead. but the responsibilities are almost like invidual contributor. i want to play lead role. what do you suggest? leaving the current company and waiting in the same company?

4. I have 9 yrs. experience. Currently working as Team Leader. I have 4.9 years relevant experience in, C#, SQL Server. 4 years past exp. in VB, FoxPro. What should I prepare for being Project Manager?

5. Working in good companies vs small companies matters or not ? Working in large projects Vs Small projects matters or not ?

6. How do we balance the remuneration with the designation. Often companies try to expect more and reward less/moderate even when the person being payed was given the highest possible rating. How should one end up with a win-win situation. I hope this question is relevant where it helps to grow professionally and financially.

Please leave your feedback about this session by responding to this post. The video can be downloaded from .

Thank you

Best regards,


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I nominated myself for this session. I even received the live meeting id my mail. However, i was unable to log in to the session. I was getting error as Invalid Session ID...i tried many times but in vain. How to handle such kind of issue in the future?

I felt really helpless and sad as i was not able to attend the session.


Rohan Laghate.

Best Regards,
Rohan Laghate

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