want help in creating a bill of a billing software

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hi all,

i m new to wpf well i hav created insert, update, and delete of item code, name and price.

n i hav bind the item code to the combo box too,

n now i want to create a bill in which if i select a item code in the in the combo box then consequent item name should be displayed and individual price of item should be multiplied with the quantity entered in textbox and displayed.

how can i do dat pls help

thanks & regards


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I think in order to do this, first you need to understand how DropDownList works and why its SelectedChange event fires.

Read this tutorials http://www.dotnetfunda.com/tutorials/controls/dropdownlist.aspx that will help you how it works and read this thread http://www.dotnetfunda.com/forums/thread2590-filling-a-dropdownlist-on-selectedindexchanged-of-another-dropdownlist.aspx that will help you firing events and binding data.


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