the page cannot be displayed in record insert time

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Hi All.
In my company website previously working fine.after login page the user click menu,the new page will open.after opening the user enter the some values in textbox nearly 15 values after that user click the submit button on that time the page is sending records to database after 10 seconds page cannot be displayed message appeared in internet explorer.

For information:on the submit button click
(1)15 records insert in to sql server database (insert query)
(2)after inserting select query will run
(3)after select query the from the sql server selected records will goes to mail
on that time the mail user name ,password also take from sql server database for sending mail
(4)mail sending process going
(5)the above process are running user click the submit button

The website working previously one weeks are problem
what i do ,any one please help to solve this issue.
this is very urgent for me

your co-operation is highly appreciated.



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Let us see the email function and why do you think its the email function ?

Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda

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