Datagridview quey(cell query)

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Hello ,

I will appreciate if anyone could hepl me on this : I am working on a project (using and access database ). In one of my forms, i have a datagridview(includes customers table). In this datagrid i have 3 columns(Name , surname, mobile). What i want, it' s to fill the mobile field and the name and surname appears automatically.

Thank you !


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Hi Hahas,

Using TextChanged Event in your DataGridView you can get Name and SurName from Database using MobileNo.

In your DataGridView MobileNo Column set Readonly property is false other columns set True.

I had post the code for TextChanged Event in DataGrdiView Control.
Refer the following link... But its in C# just convert to VB.Net

This link for online C# to VB Conversion

Cheers :)


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