How to convert Amount in Words using Crystal Report?

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i am having a dataset with columns name roll no contribution a time this dataset can contain around 1000 records i display these records one records per page in crystal report . However the problem is that i need to display the contribution amount in word as well as in numbers. It is possible for me to display amount in numbers as it is my datafield...however how to display in words??

How can i do this if i try to convert the amount into words in my code behind only?? (c#)? ..I have googled and found a function that will convert my amount in numbers into words but how will i then pass this amount to the crystal report?? am confused? Please help me out or suggest any other way rather a simple way of doing it...


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Rohan Laghate


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Hi Rohan,
Follow this link might help you !!!

Radha Srikanth

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