How to restrict overlapping of images at drag and drop

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Hello All,

I have been developing an application in which i have created functionality of drag and drop onto canvas. I am dropping images onto canvas. for this functionality i have taken same code created by Keith manhony as per below link.

Now in my application i am not able to restrict functionality of overlapping of images onto one another. like i have dropped one image onto canvas and if i drop another image onto same image it will overlap on 1st one. I want 2nd image to be placed at its original position whenever i try to drop images onto one another.

As per the comments in the code written by Keith it is limitation of above example and i want to overcome of this functionality.

Can anyone please guide me how can i achieve this functionality?or what change i should made in DragDropManager.cs class in above example. I have tried to dig on my own way but i could not.

Thanks & Regards


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