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Dear Friends
I ve kept an image button in my application. This image button contains an image. If i click the image in the image button , it should navigate to another page where i placed a image tool to display the image. Should we use java script to this issue?
If so can any help me in solving the issue???


Thanks and Regards,
GokulNath Nithy.


Posted by: Girinarra on: 12/7/2010 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

I believe this is what you will want to do:

On the code behind page (page load portion) of you aspx page you can add this line of code
in C#
imgbtn.Attributes.Add("onclick", "getPage()");

then on the html portion of your parent page you will need the javascript function calling your new page

function getPage()
// this will make a child page popup"Calendar.aspx","MyWindow","height=375,width=350");

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