Hidden Field not accessible? [Resolved]

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I am using Datatable plugin applying to the Gridview . I am using two button pagination. In my gridview i have 3 columns ID, Name , and Edit(template field) .
When i click on Edit on the first page i see my corresponding data populated in the text boxes.
However, when i change my page my data is not populated. When i checked i found that my hidden field is not accessible and is null when i change the page...how to overcome this??

I am using following:

 $('#myGrid).dataTable({ "sPaginationType": "two_button", "bSort": false, "bProcessing": true });

I have NOT used update panel. If i use then my JQUERY is lost when i call server side event...Please help.
I have also written following code where i bind the grid as well as outside if ! isPostBack) event...

myGrid.HeaderRow.TableSection = TableRowSection.TableHeader;
myGrid.FooterRow.TableSection = TableRowSection.TableFooter;

Happy Coding :)

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I made a silly mistake and now i have rectified it...

What i did is in my Row editing event i have again bind the details to the gridview control and now is working fine...also i have made following change

 $('#myGrid).dataTable({ "sPaginationType": "two_button", "bSort": false, "bState": true  });

Happy Coding :)

Best Regards,
Rohan Laghate

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