How can i implement this scenario??

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In windows application we have a flow where we have stored number of templates in .rtf files we then open these files in an editor and save
them in .rtf form again(to create Report)
I want to implement the same scenario w.r.t web application,
The way i am doing it is:
1. I have created a templates table and using the fckeditor i am adding the complete content of fckeditor in the column of the table
2. I am then fetching these templates using the dropdownlist selection and then the changes are made to the fckeditor content and the whole value is then saved into tblemployee column field..


Posted by: Suresh.mekkattil on: 1/12/2011 [Member] Bronze | Points: 25

Not a bad method, I will get back to you if I get any better solution

Suresh M

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