How to solve my problem of Redirection.

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Hello Friends,

My client is experiencing following issue:

"We have asked the local IT team to create a DNS alias, but it's not working. The "WebApplication" DNS alias point to the right host, but as DNS do not support URL, the redirection has to be made on the server side.

The web server can be set-up to redirect to a sub site if users come from the "WebApplication" DNS name or the web site can be the default web site on the server, then it should also work. "

Can any one let me know what is to be done??
I am thinking of creating a Index page in wwwRoot/ virtual directory for redirection...please suggest.

Its urgent...:)

Best Regards,
Rohan Laghate


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Exactly you are in the right path... Create an index page and handle the redirection inside the code behind and get the urls from the config file.. this will solve ur issue


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