How use our own classe in wcf serivce (Web project)?

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Hi ,
This Ravi. I m using silverlight enabled wcfserivce in my app. My app has 2 projects one is silverlight project n second one is web project with has silverlight enabled wcf service. In this web project i want to ineteract with data base through silverlight enabled wcf service class for that i m writting my own classes n using them in operation contract methods in wcf serivce class.

The problem is that i m able to access the classes in service file n access the methods in that class in service class but these methods are not invoking while calling the service from silverlight project. here i have three my own clasess. for example: class1 n class2 and class3.. i m creating objects for class1 in service file and accessing the methods in class1 n class1 will invoke methods in class2 n class2 will invoke methods in class3 n in class3 i had written code for interacting with database like sqlconnection object n sql command object etc..

this project is developed in silvelight 4 n i m IDE visual studio 2010 n databse is mssqlserver2005 n os is windows7
plz post the answer asap .... i m searching answer for this problem nearly from 10 days..
Thanks and regards ,


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Let us see the code

Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda

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Can you post ur code... we can see the problem and let u know


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