Strange Behavior in DevExpression Ajax [Resolved]

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Due to Limitations in the Telerik, meaning that there is no nice Pop Control , and i want to create my own as i did in my previous article. I have used the DevExpress Popup Control and i have a Telerik Gridview inside it and i can nicely search for records and i can select the record from the Grid and i have a button that saves take an ID of that record like

protected void btnselect_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
String Ref =null;

foreach (GridDataItem dataItem in grdactsandbills.MasterTableView.Items)

CheckBox chkselect = (CheckBox)dataItem.FindControl("chkselect");

if (chkselect.Checked)

Label lblReferenceNumberID = (Label)dataItem.FindControl("lblID");

Ref = lblReferenceNumberID.Text;

txtreferencenumber.Text = Ref;

this Button is in a PopupModal(DevExpress) , when this button is Clicked if assign that value to a textbox that is not part of the modal. and you can see i am doing it on the server side and the break point goes there and the watch shows that yes the value has been assigned to the textbox, but after i close the pop, the Textbox is empty. I am just buffled by this.


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I have abandoned the control, i have done this via the normal ajax. These third party controls sometimes they dont work

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