using text box in mobile application

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i am trying to create a sample mobile application in .net.
i have a text box in a form, what i want to do is simply i have to enter a no in that text box when i click a button the value should display in other form in a label. when i am running it in normal browser its working fine, but when i am running it using Ms mobile explorer, and when i am trying to enter a no in the text box, the text box becoming large, which having a ok and cancel in the bottom,but those are not working like buttons i am able to enter whatever i want but its not becoming normal, i mean the button which i put below the text box is not visible which i need to click as this text box enlarged..

now this is my problem..
can some body help me out.. plz..

i am attaching the images of the browser.
Thanking u


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Can we see the code please

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