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hi all,

I am developing a online ticket reservation site. i have one doubt in that.
that is,

at the same time 2 or more peoples book the same tickets , then who will be the getting the tickets and what about the others. how to solve the problem. any techniques is there.

i am new for this. please anyone tell the solution for this.




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You should do like this...
Step1: Create your Table with include this columns (Selected Seats,Selected Flag,Booked Flag ).
Step2: When a user select a seat(s) and then click a button, then update Selected Seats and Selected Flag columns
For ex: Selected Seats -->1,2,3 Selected Flag --> True
Step3: When ever user click a button at the time check it out the table Selected Seats are there and Flag also True (or) not.
For ex: Other user select a seat -->2. if the seat is available in Selected Seats column means just shown a message through that user else insert into the table based on the Route.No,Time and (Bus)Type.
Step4: If user cancel a ticket before booking, set a particular time in your table Booked Flag column is not fill means just open a ticket again.
Step5: If the ticket booked means just true (or) fill the Booked Flag column in your table.

Use optimistic Concurrency operation..Refer this link..

Try this way.... I hope its useful to you...

Cheers :)


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You may lock perticular module or function which books the ticket so that other can't access it same time.

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