IVR Monitoring system

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I need to develop an app that monitors IVR ., i.e. suppose user dilas 1800 2345 and then some pre recorded message he hears, sometimes no pre-recorded message is played and confusion is created. Want to track this thing, for all menus and submenus.

Any idea how can we do it in C#.net. Heard that TAPI3.x does not work with managed code.

Please Help. Thanks in advance :)


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I wish to share some essential information related to IVR systems. I would like to answer to the questions like "Why is IVR useful?", "How can IVR increase the efficiency of a company?", "Why is it worth using an IVR system?".

IVR systems are typically used in telecommunication industry but today other fields also often work with this technique. Businesses and organizations primarily adopt IVR systems to handle high call volumes, reduce cost and improve the customer experience.

For example IVR is implemented for telephone banking, televoting, credit card transactions. Call centers use IVR systems to identify and segment callers. IVR can also be used for collecting caller information such as product orders, credit card information, or market surveys.

You can find a list below with the most important benefits of IVR system:
. Low costs
. Extended operational hours 24/7 without increasing staff
. Reduce the number of routine, costly and time-consuming tasks of agents
. Multilingual support
. Attain a larger customer base
. Increase of overall capacity without further costs or personnel
. Provides access to live agents if it is necessary
. Save time by forwarding the caller to the wanted department in short time
. Set up voice mails for work groups and individuals
. 24-hour self-service access to data, information, and services
. Fast access via immediate and real-time interaction
. Safety is ensured by PINs or passwords

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