Distributed transaction error

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HI all,

I have a parent store procedure which calls some of the sub procedures. (in sql server 2008)
parent procedure is running with in the transaction.
one of the sub procedure is inserting the records in tables (which is in different server instance and communicated through linked server)

When i am executing the parent procedures with appropriate params, i got the following error."QA1-SQL02" is my linked server name.

"OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI10" for linked server "QA1-SQL02" returned message "The transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions "

I had tried with following solutions.

Start -> Program -> Administrative Tools -> Component Services->Expand Computers ->Expand Distributed Transaction Coordinator ->
Right Click on Local DTC ->make sure Network DTC Access, Allow Inbound and Allow Outbound are checked. You may need to turn on Allow Remote Clients.->Click on OK ->Above steps will restart MSDTC service

Done the same in both both linked server machine and also tried with restarting the machine.

but still no luck..the error remains same..

anyone help will be appritiated !! ;)

Thanks in advance.


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