using file upload control and JQuery

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I have 2 user controls
uc1.ascx--contains Textbox, submit, Cancel buttons
uc2.ascx--contains Textbox,file Upload control, Submit,Cancel buttons

I have to uc1.ascx into default.aspx
in default.aspx When i click 'Submit' button it should open uc2.ascx as Popup using JQuery dialog

In the Popup first time 'Submit' button should be disabled as the user enters text into the textbox
the button is enabled.
using FileUpload control attaches files once attached the attached file name, a Remove button should appear below the fileUpload Control. Where 'Remove' is to remove the file.
If user clicks on the name of file name it should open in a separate window.

Here user can attach only 10 files. Try to use JQuery dialog,usercontrol or any other way


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