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I am ahaving a web applicationen which is made for a workshop management.

Datebase name is workshop, table in which repair data is kept is Repair_Card, log in facility is provided for each sections (Vehicle,Tele Com, Computer etc) the user details table is made in sql table name is users and fields are (slno, userid,password,sect). The users logged in is directed to the default web page from there they can select the drop down menu as per their requirement. there is a common job card web page for all the users. When a user selects the drop down menu to create a new job card tyhe new job.aspx opens.Separate job card number is provided for each section (vehicle B/0001/11, tele Com L/0001/11 and computer c/0001/11 etc). these number is auto generated and when the page is loaded the number (i.e vehicle B/0001/11, tele Com L/0001/11 and computer c/0001/11 etc) changes as per the user logged in (Vehicle,Tele Com, Computer etc). The two problem which i am facing is

I am willing to change teh design of the newjob.aspx as now the details of the vehicles are fed manually which is leading some problem for me when ia m counting the vehiclas to create a table for the monthly ouput web page. so that the vehicles/equipments nommenclature to be chaged to a dropdownmenu so that there is not change in the names/error in case change/spaces when user is typed in the nemes of the vehicles/equipemnts. When i add the dropdown menu all the vehicles/equipment names are loading (as the vehcile user is loaded the vehicles as well as other equipments which are not related to the vehicle users is also listed in the dropdownmenu). i want to list only the vehicles for vehicle user, only tele com equipment for tele com user and only list of computers for computer users. is it possible please help me.

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