Similar applications in silverlight, sharepoint and donet

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Hi i have a certain query that i would like to put forward and like to get resolved. Can anyone briefly explain me about sharepoint, silverlight and .net? and also i would like to know if there are similar applications in all these three technologies. As i am new to these technologies i am unable to solve the query myself. I referred many sites but could not get a perfect or suitable substance which i can understand easily. So i would be grateful if anyone could plz help me!!!



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.Net -- this is completely a framework wher we can develop any type of application like stand alone app, web app, a console app, win service, web service etc...

Silverlight - this is a technology specific to the web application development to provide rich user experience in web something similar like a user friendly which we get in win apps

Sharepoint - this is something like a service whr microsoft has provided most of the inbuild operations to be used and create a collobration site to use it across the users.


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