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I create Website and I add Silverlight JScript Page(scene.xaml)
scene.xaml not supporting Silverlight xaml controls.

Again I created Silverlight Application(Website --> Add New Item -->Silverlight Application) in Same Project

By Default Silverlight Application contain Page.xaml as UserControl.
Page.xaml supporting All Sivlerlight xaml controls.

Why it is not supporting in scene.xaml file
code looks like
<Canvas xmlns=""
<Ellipse Fill="Gray" Width="200" Height="200"></Ellipse>
<Button></Button> //Error not accepting

But Page.xaml
<UserControl x:Class="control.Page"
Width="400" Height="300">
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">
<Button></Button> // Working correctly

why xaml controls are not working canvas panel

Please send me the reply i tried in different way but the solution is not found

I attenched word document with screenshots.


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Good Day Lokeshbasana

Silverlight is a new Technology ,and there are still many questions to it. That is why not everyone is using Silverlight. But a lot of Challenges has been solved in Silverlight 3. If you have already started using Silverlight 3 please tell us if you still have the problem.

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Vuyiswa Maseko

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